Missions of the Foundation

Initial fact

The “Fondation pour l’Avenir du Patrimoine à Paris” was set up in October 2013,  as a result of two facts : first, Paris churches are emblems of our history and represent a rich and varied cultural heritage, second, catholic churches are often in a very bad condition.

Heritage preservation

The purpose of the Foundation is to preserve churches and their works of art to guarantee the future of this heritage for future generations.

Rockfall in the Church of St. Augustine

Moral and financial support

The Foundation provides moral and financial supports to cultural and artistic development and restoration work projects. These projects concern Paris churches or chapels, dedicated to worship, listed in the “Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques (ISMH)” (Additional Inventory of Historical Monuments) or with a high local cultural interest.

Cooperating with the City

The mission of the “Fondation Avenir du Patrimoine à Paris” ( FAPP )” is to cooperate with the City of Paris to incresase  the amounts dedicated to maintenance and renovation, or restoration of churches in Paris, to ensure the future of this heritage.

The purpose of the FAPP is to raise funds that will be added to public resources dedicated by the City of Paris, owner and contracting authority.

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